DRSSTC spark pics

Instructions for operating the "ACME" Mini DRSSTC

1) Ensure the VOLTAGE knob is set to minimum.
2) Ensure the strike rail is connected to a ground.
3) Retire to a safe distance.
4) Connect coil to 240V line using a long extension lead.
5) Set BURST LENGTH and PRF knobs to halfway.
6) Advance VOLTAGE knob slightly while pressing fire button.
Check that neither tuning LED lights. If either does, adjust FINE TUNE until both lights are out. If this is not possible, consult a service person.
7) Turn VOLTAGE knob fully clockwise and verify that neon HT indicator lights.
8) Press fire button and wish you had retired further. If operating the ACME Mini DRSSTC in an apartment, use short bursts to save annoying your neighbours too much.

Several short bursts (about 0.3 seconds worth of 100bps) in a 10 second exposure.
I was hoping it would hit the metal box 42" away but it didn't.

A single short burst in a 2 second exposure

Another one

And another. Click for original 6M pixel image

A single bang using the same burstlength and voltage as above (click)


The above pictures were taken with a DC link voltage of around 340V, burst length of 180-300us, and rep rates between single shot and 100Hz. I operated the coil in bursts of about 0.3 sec, either a single burst, or several.

I wasn't able to get a repeat of the 40" strike I got to the radiator earlier. I only ever got a single 39" using almost full everything (200Hz rep rate and 300us ontime) and wasn't able to capture it on film.

Maybe the mains voltage was lower than it was last night. Maybe since I moved the coil, it changed something. The discharge split in two this time, whereas I got a single long leader previously.

Excuses :P

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